Aputure LS 600d Daylight LED Point Source Monolight (V-Mount)


  • More Power For More People – When we released the LS 600d Pro, we also made a promise to create a tool that was more accessible and would revolutionize the amount of output most creatives had access to. The Light Storm 600d is a perfect light for any demanding lighting situation you may encounter as a cinematographer or photographer.
  • Raising the Standard – Utilizing the same light source as its professional predecessor, its immensely powerful 600W COB LED positions the LS 600d as one of the brightest point source LEDs on the market. It outputs an incredible 8,500+ lux with the Hyper-Reflector or up to 29,300+ lux at 3 meters with the F10 Fresnel.
  • Sidus Link App – For photographers and video creators who require convenient access to intense output with the support of the Aputure and Sidus Link ecosystems, the LS 600d is an excellent tool. Integrating the LS 600d into onset workflows with Sidus Link and DMX512 control gives creators a powerful fixture that seamlessly integrates into their existing ecosystems with smooth dimming control and without color shift or the need to use scrims to decrease output.
  • Universal Bowens Mount – As a member of the Light Storm family, the LS 600d also features an integrated Bowens Mount for easily attaching accessories and modifiers, ranging from the F10 Fresnel for intense brightness to the Light Dome 150 for spectacular softness.

UPC: 6971842183630