Nanlite MixPanel 60 RGBWW Hard and Soft Light LED Panel


Product Highlights

  • THREE LED LIGHT SOURCES IN ONE COMPACT PANEL – Nanlite MixPanels are capable of switching between a “traditional” multi-LED panel for hard light, a diffuse SMD LED panel for soft light and a Tunable RGB panel for creative effects at the push of a button.
  • ULTRA – BRIGHT OUTPUT – In hard light boost mode the MixPanel 60 emits an impressive 6600 Lux at 1m 5600K. Plus with dimming from 100% down to 1%, you can quickly adapt the MixPanel 60 to any scene without adding ND gel or diffusion.
  • COLOR PERFECTION – The MixPanel 60 features a CRI of 98, a TLCI of 95 plus Green/Magenta adjustment in CCT mode, meaning you can shoot with confidence knowing the color reproduction will be precise.
  • INTUITIVE USER INTERFACE – The MixPanel 60’s operating system has been developed from the ground up to be efficient and intuitive to use. What’s more, you can save your settings as presets to make your lighting consistent and repeatable.
  • GEL EMULATION AND PRACTICAL EFFECTS – The MixPanel 60 provides a selection of 43 gel presets in two light sources (3200K & 5600K) and 9 special effects making it possible to imitate lighting scenarios that can otherwise be tricky to recreate.

Power Options


UPC: 6949987420361