Aputure Space Light Diffuser for Nova P600c LED Light Panel


  • Ambient Soft Light – The Nova P600c Space Light is an omni-directional diffuser designed for the Nova P600c and P300c light panels. Like traditional space lights, it features a cylindrical design to achieve its omni-directional light spread. This reduces edge shadows and makes it suitable for creating large soft light environments.
  • Light Spread Control – For additional flexibility, the Space Light softbox features an adjustable light control skirt. With a reflective inner layer and a solid black outer layer, the Space Light completely eliminates excess spill light. Produce a soft, directional light by rolling down only one side of the skirt, or completely close the skirt to create a light that projects downwards in a circular illumination pattern.
  • Perfect For Studios – When combined with the Nova P600c or Nova P300c, the modifier’s 3-foot diameter and 28-inch height creates a large volumetric source for filling up cycs and green screens. Storing the space light or skirt between shows is also simple, as the modifier collapses neatly into its carrying bag. 

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