Nanlite Barndoor and Softbox Set for MixPad II 27C LED Panel Light


  • Complete Light Modifier Kit– With a softbox, fabric grids, and barndoors, this set outfits you with every light shaping tool you need to make the most of the Nanlite MixPad II 27C.
  • Softbox Lighting for Mixpad II 27C– Capable of switching between hard and soft light without a softbox, when you need the softest light possible with the MixPad II 27C, the included softbox will get you there.
  • Take Control with Barndoors – Adjust the directionality and shape of your light and control unwanted spill with the included 4-leaf barndoors.
  • Isolate Softbox Light with Included Grid – Softboxes provide visually appealing soft light, but spill can be challenge, however, the included fabric grid lets you cast light on your subject without spilling.

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