Nanlite Transparent Polycarbonate T12 Clip with Magnet for PavoTube II LED Linear Tube Lights


  • Uncomplicated Mounting – The Nanlite PavoTube Transparent Polycarbonate T12 LED Tube Mounting Clip with Magnet is a secure and transparent mounting option for PavoTube and PavoTube II LED Tubes
  • Polycarbonate Construction – Made from the same material used in PavoTube housings, Polycarbonate allows light to pass through without sacrificing durability.
  • Standard T12 Diameter – While created for use with Nanlite PavoTubes and PavoTube IIs, this mounting clip is compatible with other T12 diameter LED tube lights.
  • Mounts Almost Anywhere – This LED tube mounting clip terminates in a powerful magnet for mounting to ferrous surfaces.

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